Hi guys,

So sadly after only 5 months since importing the car I’m having to sell. The reason why is that the area I live in ( North London ) is soon to be in the Ulez zone! Meaning I’ll have to pay £12 every time I take the car out the garage. When I went through the process of importing the vehicle I had no idea this would be happening and after lots off thinking and trying to find a way round it, it just makes sense to part ways sadly. Im genuinely absolutely gutted but really have no other choice and it makes little financial sense to pay the cost of Ulez for every drive.

The car was imported through Torgue GT in Devon- We won the car in February last year and after the whole process was complete I was able to pick up the car in August last year.

It’s a super low mile example with 44k miles. It’s also a grade 4C import ( see attached import sheet ).

While going through the registering process at Torgue the car had the following:

  • Tein Coilovers
  • Underseal treatment
  • New clutch
  • Torgue GT’s full inspection and service.
  • Sigma Alarm / immobiliser
  • New set of Eagle F1's

Since owning the car over the last 5 months I have done the following

  • Full wheel refurb at Lepsons in Gillingham ( they look incredible with all original decals )
  • H&K suction Intake from the turbo back. ( I have the original air box and parts )
  • Full steering wheel refurb from Royal steering wheels
  • 20mm spacers
  • Tomei Duracon Shift knob ( I have the original too )
  • Momo mats - ( I have the originals too )

The car drives and sounds amazing, the handling is incredible and overall it feels fantastic.

It has a Fujitsubo exhaust that was put on at some point in Japan. Torgue recommended the discs will need changing in around 5k miles. Thats something I was planning to do in spring.

Any questions feel free to ask, id be happy to have a chat on the phone. I can send more pics too, i have some of the professional ones taken by Torgue. Im based in E4 in North London.