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I do the AYC fluid change on my 6 myself. According to the workshop manuals it is a simple drop and replace procedure.
The tricky bit is getting the filler plug back in because of limited access.
I have changed it twice since I had the car, and am now at 32k miles with no problems as yet.
Given below is a copy of exactly what I did.
You really need to get a copy of the workshop manual for the relevant diagrams to show the filler drain plugs etc.
If you can't get hold of these let me know and I'll post you a copy
of the diagram.

LANCER EVOLUTION 6 AYC FLUID CHANGE : Read all this before proceeding to change.

According to the EVO6 workshop manual, the changing of the AYC fluid is a simple
drop and replace procedure, and so can be done at home with the correct technical
diagram, the AYC fluid (£11.00|PLS|vat from Co-ordsport), and simple tools.
However, since there are 3 different oils associated with the AYC type differential,
caution needs to be applied.
These oils are namely, the differential oil that lubes the pinion and ring gears,
the AYC fluid that lubes the torque transfer mechanism (clutches), and the ATF fluid
that is present in the hydraulic system that actuates the steering ' assistance '.

However, it does require the patience of a saint to replace the filler plug ,
because of the very limited access, but it can be done. Check your hand for fit
between the differential housing and the cross member BEFORE you remove the plug
( if you have very large hands then maybe a friend can help.)
When replacing the plug, I found that the only way I could reach up high enough
and clear all the obstructions was to hold the plug between my middle and ' ring '
finger ( not possible with fore-finger and thumb ) then by squeezing my other hand
up and over the crossmember, enough to help manipulate the plug, I could get the
plug in position and manage a few quarter turns, enough to get the threads started.
It sounds tortuous, but it is possible, but give yourself plenty of time.

When you are ready to change the AYC fluid, make sure you have a large syringe,
the biggest you can get,( mine was a 60ml one so I had to do about 12 injections
to get the 0.7 litres of fluid into the AYC portion of the differential), a length
of tubing about 2-3 feet long (external diameter and amp;lt; 1/2inch),the genuine Mitsubishi
AYC fluid, a 17mm ring spanner for the filler plug, a 24mm socket for the drain
plug , the technical diagram showing the filler and drain plugs and you'll be there.
Be sure to have the relevant technical manual guidance, since the diff. oil filler
and drain plugs are also close-by and there is the possibility for confusion.
However, the AYC filler plug is stamped AYC OIL, and there is AYC stamped on the
diff housing near to the AYC drain plug. ( AGAIN, CHECK DIAGRAM)
Invariably, the car will be jacked up some for access( don't forget your axle stands ).
Drain the old fluid off,replace drain plug. Remove filler plug.
Fill the AYC portion of the diff until the fluid spills over, let down the car onto
level surface, the fluid will spill over some more. When the fluid stops spilling
over, the level of the AYC fluid is now level with the bottom of the filler hole.
Replace the filler plug.

- Mr Mime

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What about the oil in the resevior that needs changing at the same time as the ayc fluid.How do you change it ?

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The oil in the reservoir is the hydraulic ATF fluid. There is no mention of replacing this in the diff service procedure, only the AYC fluid and the diff oil. There is a mention of bleeding the hydraulic system, but there is no service interval given.
The bleeding can be performed by using the MUT-II to activate the AYC, the ATF fluid is bled from the
bleed nipples under the car ( in order , there is a left and right). If no MUT-II is available the AYC can be activated by rotating the steering wheel.( evo5 manual).
The resevoir obviously needs topping up as the ATF fluid is bled.

Since there is no mention of service interval for bleeding the ATF, it must have been deemed as less critical
than the other service items, namely the AYC fluid and diff oil.

My diff has done 32k miles so far, and is not making any strange noises yet. But I do intend to bleed the hydraulics and reset the ECU at 45k miles.

-Mr Mime

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Hey Mr Mime,

Where did you get your syringe from ?
My sister works at the hospital and she could only get me 2 20ml syringes
I'll be under my car for a week !


[email protected]

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Dear mr mime i allways change the ayc fluid and resivior fluid at the same time 4,500 miles and also have had no problems on all the evos i have worked on.

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My missus also works at a hospital thats where she got the 60ml syringe. You sister ought to be able to get hold of one.
However, it still takes about 12 injections to deposit all the 0.7l
of AYC fluid into the diff.
Ideally,you would use a mastic tube|PLS| external tubing and gun and do it in one go.
I haven't sourced an outlet that sells empty mastic tubes, but they ought to be available.

Glad to hear your AYC servicing is going OK. Are you a Ralliart technician and do you have access to a MUT-II ?
If you do whereabouts are you in the country ?

-Mr Mime

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Mr Mime.....

I have managed to pick up 2 60ml syringes from a VETS !!!!!!!!

These guys deal with cows and stuff (incase you didn't know ) and require the larger syringes. My sister tells me that the hospital are not stocking the larger syringes anymore due to pressurized blood bags ?

Anyway....If anyone else wants them then visit your local live stock dealing vet !

As regards the MUT...I'm a regular punter who has a mate in the trade


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What's the going rate for a hydraulic bleed of the AYC system
at your shop. Also have you got a price for the changing of the cambelts A and amp; B.

Mr Mime

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Glad to hear you sourced the large 60ml syringes.
Hope your diff doesn't go Moooo! when treated with these syringes.

-Mr Mime

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My old diff did sound like a trapped donkey when it was in need of a fluid change....
Maybe the previous owner was a Japanese vet who did his own car repairs !!!

Mitsi dealers charge about £75 for an AYC oil change and bleed.

Not sure of the price for the cambelt and balance shaft belt changes....You could be looking at £200 at a guess.


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MITSMAN i have found you.
Always go to the right man for AYC service.
There are two or three on this site..

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My my mrfixit havent you been a busy boy, are you recomended for ayc oil change!!!

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Highly recommended young man.
how's business in the midlands, are the street corners still cold and wet when looking out for your next punter.
IN HIS EVO......
Merry christmas

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Mr fix it and mitsman you seem to know what you are talking about can you tell me the pressure in the accumulator on the AYC pump, I need to know when the pressure switch switches and does it switch from on to off or off to on on a Tommi.


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