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right just had a pm off a guy on here who has fitted one off these and he say this about fitting it

Hi mate,

I`ve just seen your advert for the FMIC for sale. Its the same i/c and hardpipe kit i`ve got on mine, you can see pictures on my thread in the members gallery.
For your info, this kit is quality stuff but a complete arse to fit and it requires lots of cutting to the bumper too. I`ve had to grind out some of the top bumper bar, lose the lower supporting bar in the splitter and cut a moutain of plastic from the bumper itself.
Well worth doing, but definitely not a straight fit.
This info is for you, use it how you will, im not bothered if you keep it to yourself to make a sale, I just wanted to let you know the real deal.

hope that helps


link here

so it seems it does need some cuting and stuff to fit

1 - 20 of 21 Posts
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