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I had my Evo 4 at a rolling road shoot out and it made 296bhp, the car has a full HKS exhaust, decat pipe and Racing suction kit, I fitted these myself but the car has not been set up other than whatever tuning Mitsubishi do in the standard service. There was also an Evo 5 and an Evo 6 there, both these cars had aftermarket air filters and exhausts fitted and made 333 and 341 bhp respectivly. I know that as standard the Evo 5/6 has a fatter torque curve than the 4, why is this?, is it just down to fuelling or are there other factors? Basically I want to know if I can bring my car up to 5/6 spec without major surgery, if so what do I need? Another thing is that my car made 257 lbft of torque which is a little less than standard, is this common for these mods or does it look like my car needs tweeking a bit to get the most from these mods.

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The main differences from 4 to 5,6 are:-

Camshafts - less lift and duration

4 inlet 9.5mm lift 252deg duration
4 exh 9.5mm lift 252deg

5,6 inlet 10.0mm lift 260deg duration
5,6 exh 9.5mm lift 256deg

120l/h on 4, 150l/h 5 and amp;6

510cc/min on 4, 560 on 5 and amp;6

Turbo turbine housing
9T on 4, 10.5 on 5 and amp;6.

Oil cooler smaller on 4.

Radiator thinner on 4.

Intercooler bigger on 6.

The camshafts and turbine housing will make the biggest difference to engine output. Be warned that you will run out of fuel quicker when turning up the boost with the small injectors and pump.

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Hi Hoolio,

Mine was the Evo 5 on the rollers at Star Performance yesterday, good to see you
managed to make it from Aberdeen, I however didnt get a chance to speak to you!

My 5 is fitted with the Magnex turbo downpipe, de-cat and full system |PLS| the Ralliart
performance panel filter. Everything else is completely standard.

The figures on the day were: 333 BHP, 242 BHP @ Wheels and amp; 312 lbft Torque :)

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Hi Spanpody

Very interested in your dyno results. You said you got 333 BHP, or 242 BHP at the wheels. That's a very large difference to attribute to mechanical/drivetrain losses. Is this really normal?

I've had my E5 checked on a dynojet dyno (same one used to tune and measure Manuel Go's wild Evo on the Members Cars page). I've got similar mods as you, and come up with 232 BHP at the wheels. It's very warm and humid here in the Philippines, and best fuel available is about 97 RON, which should explain somewhat low figures.

The dynojet however, does not give flywheel readings, so it's always been a guessing game as to what my crank BHP is. I've estimated this at about 300, since fully stock Evo's get around 208-212 BHP on the same dyno.

Does this sound right? Anyone else have information about this (i.e., wheel vs. crank dyno results on Evo's).


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In terms of accelaration speed an E5/6/7 will not be that much quicker on a dash to 60 or 100 or 1/4 end yes with similar mods. 296bhp is good for a E4 mine runs 290 and I'm as quick as any other in a straight line over 1/4 mile .
the bigger horses I feel would be kicking in at 90 mph.this happened to me against a sky line with nearly 400bhp I was trashed at 95 from Their on.
Simonevo has a monster E4 with more work than most have ,about 250/60 bhp ,but be prepared to spend some money.
Personally i would go the route with brakes ,supension, bracing , and tyre choice.
The standard brakes won't stand the big hp on really heavy breaking on the track.but then I try not to brake hard ,but just dab them a little.
Have you taken the car to its top speed at all?
I need to find out what my E4 is putting out torque wise .
Have a go taking out the solinoid gromet as well,this really did impove my accelaration response.{any fuel cut happens put it back in]
I have no decat pipe ,but a silencer where the cat was and 100 mph comes up in just over 13seconds on a good day.
Personally I feel that the E6 especially has been restricted quite alot to get the 276bhp quoted and jap law requires,I have been told that the E4 ecu peramiters are less capable when doing the same mods.and as light speed sais a few mechanical differences which would help when unrestricting the engine.especially the fuel and air.
I can't wait untill my car can get some reasonable money spent on it ,BRAKES and amp;gt;

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Guys I would suggest that its possible that the rolling rd needs re-calibrating the figures you quoted are not achievable with standard boost and an exhaust ,downpipe and filter.:)

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I've got to agree with Wazuptommi, 333bhp is very high with those kind of mods. I would expect around 300bhp.

Spanbody, do you know what boost was being acheived during your RR run? If you haven't had the car from new it might be worth checking this, there may be on or two 'hidden' modifcations or a boost problem.

Hoolio, every car I have seen with those mods has that kind of power and drop in torque. This is where other mods are needed to help get the most out of your mods and claw back the lost torque.


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Hi chaps,

I agree the figures do seem on the high side, I was expecting just over 300.
Here are the results from the run:

Norm Power 333.5 BHP to DIN 70020
Engine Power 313.5 BHP
Wheel Ouput 242 BHP
Drag Ouput 71.5 BHP
Torque 312 lbf-ft
Air temperature 49 Deg C

Boost was peaking at 1.2 bar and holding 1.1 bar

However this was a rolling road shout-out along with another 2 EVO's, at least 12 Impreza's, an MR2, Civic, Integra etc. Several members on this forum use this RR, namely 'evojkp' and 'chunky'. All the
Impreza's gave figures which compared well with what was expected for non modified and modified
cars. All the results will shortly be posted to so you will be able to check the other cars.

Cheers :)

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And the last time we were at Star in February some standard cars got almost book power figures. They've taken the results off their site but I recall a MY99 UK turbo getting 217bhp, and a non-turbo getting 130bhp.

With a 2.5 exhaust I only saw a 5bhp increase over stock - about right I would say though the torque figure was a good bit higher :)
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