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Evo 4 Gearbox

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Hi people,

I have a few questions regarding my gearbox

1) When launching hard in first gear and then changing quickly into 2nd there is a slight crunch. This happened on my 3.72 0-60 run and happens other times I launch. Is this a common problem or is it it something that needs to be looked at quickly ??

2). Does anyone know the gearing of the Evo 4, mine is a GSR model and I have had it to 7000rpm in 5th (with more to go), what speed in mph does this equate to ?? (All test done on a private runway, officer !)

Thanks for your help

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Can't anyone help ??????????????


Simon .

My 4 does the same ,I feel that the mechanics can't keep up with human reaction or the other way around,especially spinning at 6500.
I have just had new input/output shafts and bearing in my box because I had no 3rd gear but the car drove like a goodun.
Whether it would benifit from a further upgrade in the clutch .?
how ever it just might be changing quickly and clutch not fully engaged ,hence the crunch.try launching in second ,or changing gear from 1 to third high revs .I did the 2nd to 4th and the car picked up mid range faster,sounds daft but it felt that way.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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