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Guys!! My white evo 4 GSR track day car project isn't even getting a chance to get of the ground!! :cry: After just getting back into evo ownership I'm gonna have to break this one as my job situation has changed…………….. and I ain't getting rid of the GT-R!!! The car is in good condition, standard and complete so ALL parts are available unless they have a SOLD next to them

Evo 8 MR engine£SOLD

***Evo 4 parts***
Evo 4 engine complete £SOLD
Stainless steel downpipe + de-cat pipe + titanium exhaust system, cat back (dunno the make) £SOLD
Catalytic convertor £SOLD
Evo 4 block + cradle minted £SOLD
Evo 4 crank £SOLD
Evo 4 con-rods, pistons, minted £20
Evo 4 oil pump £20
Bare shell £NOW SCRAPPED
Rear diff vgc £SOLD
Gearbox vgc £SOLD
Transfer box vgc £SOLD
Drive shafts, no play £60 each N/S/R SOLD
Gearbox + engine mounts, vgc £SOLD
Steering rack £SOLD
Engine wiring loom + Boost solenoid etc.. £SOLD
Clutch + Flywheel £SOLD
Alternator £SOLD
Started motor £SOLD
O.Z 16" Alloys + tyres unmarked £SOLD
AYC pump £SOLD
Throttle body (no idle problems)£SOLD
Radiator + Fan vgc £SOLD
Standard air box + AFM £SOLD
Intercooler £SOLD
A/C pump £40
P/S pump £SOLD
A/C radiator + condenser £SOLD
Dump valve + inlet/boost pipe work £SOLD
ABS pump £SOLD
Suspension arms + hubs + wheel bearings £SOLD
Suspension/struts set £SOLD
Bonnet vgc £SOLD
O/S/F drivers door + handle £30 (others doors now SOLD)
Door glass £10 per door
Door window motors £10 each
Interior (seats, door cards, carpet, plastic trim) £SOLD
Splash guards £SOLD
Rear bumper vgc £SOLD
Front bumper vgc £SOLD
Front splitter £SOLD
Front brake calipers + discs £SOLD
Rear brake calipers + discs + pads + hand brake mechanisim and shoes £SOLD
Front wings vgc £both SOLD
Side skirts vgc £SOLD
Speedo/rev counter/fuel and water temp gauge £SOLD
Passenger air bag £30
Steering wheel + drivers air bag £SOLD
Complete lock set £SOLD
Ignition barrel/lock and switch plus a key £SOLD
Boot and spoiler £50
Air deflectors, genuine mitsubishi, £SOLD
Rear lights 2 off £SOLD
N/S front light £SOLD
O/S front light £SOLD
Front orange indicators, pair £SOLD
Front fog lights, pair, vgc £SOLD
Rear wiper motor £SOLD
Central locking solenoids 4 off £15
Indicator switch + wiper switch assembly £SOLD
Wing mirrors, folding, electric £SOLD
Clutch slave cylinder + pipe + hose £SOLD
Brake cylinder + servo £SOLD
Throttle cable £SOLD
Bonnet cable + latch mechanism £SOLD
Wheel nut set £10
Kenwood Stereo/CD player £20
Interior ventilation controller £SOLD
Door seals all £SOLD
Boot seal £SOLD

There you go!! If there are any other silly little things that havent been listed that you need i.e clips, screws, bolts………..let me know.

Tel no. 07796542992


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PMs returned!!

Heres some pics of the engine for those who asked

Crank is spot on and standard size

Bores deglazed and block face surface ground

Pistons fitted + con rods fitted with ARP bolts (stretched to spec)

Ready for fitment uprated lashers fitted to the head

In the car, started up first time and runs great

Evo 4 to be broken up

Sorry to say this but all the parts that are required to run the engine will be sold after the engine has. You understand why hope this isn't a problem for anyone. Let me know what you want and I'll keep it for you.

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How much for rear view mirror posted to N.I (as long as it's in excellent cond.) Mine has developed brown watery stain marks under the glass.


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Hi weetrav

Will be paying you very soon for the mirror so don't be panicking mate:smthumbup

Just a wee observation though. Some tramp has nicked yer wheels. :crackup:

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