As I’ve stripped my car I’m getting around to listing bits,

the block was from my very low Millage evo 6, machined and built by power units, spec is
Brian Crower 102mm crank Ballanced
Cp 86mm pistons
Brian Crower rods with arp fixing 800hp rated, only ever run at 500hp
Baffled sump evo 9 oil pump
Cosworth 86mm 1.3mm head gasket
Head +1mm valves ti retainers bc springs
Gt racing 272 cams from Ross sport
New lower engine cover pullys
Gates raceing timing belt with Hks pullys
Omega designs reversed cam sensor housing, An-10 breather and an-10 oil cooler lines I can include oil cooler too if needed, and as I won’t need it anymore engine stand with jig for evo block