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Taken from my Evo 6 thats only covered 14k, in very good condition.
It just needs a little scrub around the lettering.:smthumbup
Ideal for replacing your old tired cover, or Get it custom painted.
It only comes as a bare cover, not including oil cap nor spark plug cover.

Im after £50 plus post as i bough one in a right state for the same price.

I can paint it for an extra cost, plain colours only mind, but i can add some metal flake in the clear coat.
Im not a professional painter but my work is pretty damn good, let me know what your after.
Pics of my work.
New Rocker Cover, Scotia White with Blue Flake.

Evo 6 OZ Turismos, Dark Grey gunmetal With Scotia White Rim/Lip.

Plus loads more, Car bodywork, Other Alloys even a tractor!

thanks Dazz
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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