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EVO 3 Engine Settings

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Hi everyone Im new here. My mate has an EVO 3 and we need some info. Weve just done a small overhaul on the engine bye fitting EVO 6 pistons, New std turbo with 360 deg bearing, New timing belt and metal head joint. The Spec is

EVO 6 Pistons
Std Turbo 360 deg bearing
Big Bore Hypermuffler
HKS Induction kit
Rally Art ECU
Steel H/Joint

Its covered about 500 mls. The engine wasnt quiet running right after the rebuild but he had been taking it easy for the first 400 mls so it wasnt a problem. Hes now started to open it up more and there was a slight bit of dett in the higher gears and it wouldnt boost above 0.5 bar in the higher gears like 4th and 5th but would boost to 1.1 bar in the lower gears. So we looked at his timing and it was set at 10 deg BTDC. Weve now knocked this back to 5 deg BTDC at 800 rpm and the car flys now, It now pulls strongly in all gears. The boost peaks at 1.5 bar and then drops to 1.1 bar in 5th. Can anyone give me any advice on what settings to run this car given its spec.
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a few thoughts....
fit an uprated fuel pump & adjustable regulator
run approx 38-42psi fuel pressure dependant on air-fuel ratio readings via a wide-band lambda

limit boost to 1-1.2 bar for now but advance timing a little to e.g 8btdc...until you uprate fuel side
also make sure that you're not getting boost creep
i.e. fluctuating boost through the gears
...may mean that the wastegate flap isn't sealing properly

where did you get the ralliart ecu from ?
was it via Martin W
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ah...was just curious MW....

re: boost
no....don't use the actuator to adjust
get a dawes or other ball/spring device as cheap option or better still, get an electronic boost controller

& you'll defo need to check fuelling/get uprated pump & afpr if peaking at 1.5bar
...that'll be the e6 pistons ...although be careful
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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