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I have a few plans for my Evo 2 RS and just need a bit of guidance that I am heading in the right direction.

At present the car is pretty standard when it comes to the engine, it still has the std induction (with HKS panel filter) and std exhaust. The car has an uprated clutch and possible lightened flywheel (it feels very revy when the throttle is blipped), GAB adjustables all round with super hard and low Swift springs, I guess these were fitted in Japan as the car seems to have been used for some sort of motorsport, it has a rear cage, door bars and Sparco bucket seat.

I am looking to make a few mods to the car to liven the performance, it will be used on the road (although not all that often) with a bit of trackday and drag strip action thrown in to get my money’s worth. I plan on keeping the std turbo at the moment and do not plan on uprating any internals yet.

I’ve managed to get a few things 2nd hand from forum members that I have not fitted yet, so far I’ve got an HKS silent Hi-power “cat back” exhaust and a Gizzmo chipped ecu that I hope to get some information on.

I’ll need to get a boost controller sorted out along with a pod airfilter with cold air ducting, exhaust front pipe and de-cat for the exhaust, I have a few questions though:

The HKS pipe is 2.5” from cat to the centre silencer and 3” from there back, so I’m guessing that a 2.5” front pipe will be best using this? Will this be a good solution or would 3” from the turbo back be better? I see Camskill do a 3" system for a reasonable money.

What boost controller would be best? I was thinking that one of the simpler Electronic types would be ok, rather than a more complex Apexi AVCR, I know the AVCR has many functions, I’m just wondering how many I would use in the real world. I want to run about 1.2 bar (17psi) if possible.

Will I need to upgrade the fuelling at all? I guess a good tuner could check this out when the ecu is fitted but if its likely that it will, i'll buy the fpr and pump before fitting all the parts together.

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