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I have an 1994 Evo 2 GSR.
The query I have relates to a dash light that comes on at times.

Its the orange one in the bottom right corner and depicts a car skidding.

Shortly after I got the car in Feb we had some snow here in Ireland. I managed to get the car stuck and had to wait for a mate to tow me in his Landrover. I can remember the light coming on as I sat waiting in the car. I reckoned it was there to warn of sub zero temps.

For months it didnt come on at all but now it appears every so often. Usually after a decent length drive (over 30mins). I also notice as I start the car the light flickers and little and goes out.

What is this light for? I can see no definite pattern to it coming on and am a little confused what it means.

Any help would be much apprecited.

Kind Regards,

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This light, is an indication of the status of the ABS (anti-lock braking system). Initially it should flash when turning the car on, then go out completly...generally I would say that the only reason for it coming on (other than at startup), would be a fault with the ABS.

Considering it appears to be a temperamental (sp??) thing and is not happening all the time, it may be a little difficult to diagnose, even with the correct equipment....might pay to book it in for a quick once over???

Thats about all I can offer.


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Steve aka HKP border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| absmiddle >,

It's just a dodgy sensor or connection, I had the same trouble with my old R21 turbo, during the summer ABS was fine and as soon as a bit of cold damp weather came along it would act up.
Does the ABS still work when the light is on?. The climate control will beep and flash at 0 degrees if it senses freezing temps outside.
Anyway if it bothers you too much stick a bit of black insulating tape over the light:D, Well my car hasn't got ABS and I cope!. But because you're flying around Greystones at breakneck speeds with cap turned backwards racing RWD Cossies, Sunbeams and Twin cams you may need the ABS afterall[img] border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| absmiddle >

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My E1 does this as well. Only in really wet/mucky/grimy conditions. A lot of mud/salt on the roads in winter is the usual cause for me.
Goes out usually after the car is shut off for a little while.

I've spoken to a few other owners and they also seem to get it occasionaly. It muts be as Paul says, the wheel sensor must be affected by certain environmental conditions.
One day I'll get around to looking at them all, no doubt one has been exposed to water or something and is being affected.


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Seems in this case that Lancers have something in common with my late great Cavalier 2.0 GLS company car!
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