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Evo 1 Gearbox Concern

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Hi! I am new here but was pointed in this direction by a friend.

Tried launching at 6000rpm sidestepping clutch. Lots of axle tramp from front. I believe I may have broken my gearbox as front wheels are not getting any drive transfer at all, rear wheels spin heaps though. So basically a rear wheel drive evo at the moment. A lot of the time when taking off something from front end clunks. Now I hunting a gearbox/parts etc. Any thoughts on this? Thanks.

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have a chat with the guys at 'Rigoli racing' or 'RPI'
you may need dog-gears which will fit inside standard casing
- it's the torque that does the damage

buying / shipping a gearbox and parts from here in the UK would be expensive

good luck
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