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Came across this lot when i was clearing out all my parts i had for sale last week....

Basically this is everything you need when you come to replace your 9.8T housing for a 10.5T MR Style one.

There is the gasket from the Turbo to Housing (2 different types)
3 x bolts that go through the exhaust elbow and into the 10.5T (MD062961)
2 x studs that come from the 10.5T and through the elbow (MR224441)
2 x nuts that go onto the two studs above. (MD050073)

These are often prone to snapping / seizing when being removed, and all parts are genuine mitsubishi parts. Most still in their original Dealer Packets...

Looking for £30 delivered for the lot....about what it cost me (studs and bolts were very expensive !!)
Anyone interested please PM me !


1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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