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Looking to purchase a set of 18 RC5s, anyone know any dealers in this country?
Enkei europe site not working, no response from Jap site emails!!

Thanks in advance

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I had exactly the same issues. Very poor service me thinks. I couldn't find a dealer for Enkei products in the UK and none of the other nations were replying to me.

Poor show old chap.


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Thanks for the info blowdog.
Looks like a set of 18 compomotives TH2 then if noone wants my money.

PS have you sold your car yet, if so what you going for/ gone for.

Can't convince the wife about the 7 extreme s, she's had a go but can't get her head round the VI depreciation.
Think she wants top keep the VI and move house, rather than go for the VII, take the hit and stay put!

Haven't given up yet!!!

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