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Hi what's needed for 800HP for drag use obviously going to forge the bottom end what is the crank good for ? Head what springs and cams are available will the engine need a dry sump ect .I have no experience with these engines so any help is appreciated

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Best bet mate is do a search. There LOADS of info on here all about any build you can think of.

Why the need for 800? What's it for?

Edit to add.. If you are actually serious about it I would pay the membership . It will pay for itself
I will when I get a chance and yes I'm serious ,already mated block to my 4 speed dog box

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The following parts are my own personal items and are offered as a private not business sale.

Photographs for reference only showing engine fitted with ancillaries which are listed seperately .

Norris designs new and unused 2.370cc full race specification engine.
Mitsubishi 4g64 high deck chemically cleaned ,prepared ,faced and bored block
Norris designs 100mm billet crankshaft
Manley 156 mm I beam steel conrods
Norris designs forged stroker pistons
Norris designs full uprated bearings set
Norris designs balance shaft removal
Norris designs uprated belt set
Norris designs ultimate H11 cylinder head bolts
Norris designs arp crank pulled retaining bolt
Arp exhaust manifold bolts
Norris designs full uprated dry sump kit utilising a remote oil filter

Stage 5 + full race wire rung head ,pressure tested ,faced, tunnel match ported with micro polished inlet and exhaust ports
4 angle valve seats
kidney reshaped optimum micro polished chambers
Norris designs bronze valve guides
Norris designs 2mm x 1mm oversized super tec valves
Norris designs solid lifters
Norris designs uprated solid high lift 276 camshafts
Norris designs uprated springs
Norris designs titanium retainers and lock down kit .
Norris designs purple anodised vernier cam pulley set
-16 water one off thermostat housing

Norris designs 87mm wire rung head gasket
Norris designs supplied fluidine damper
Norris designs pas delete kit
Norris designs Wrc blue magnesium Evolution rocker cover with dash breather fittings.
Arp bolts and fixings throughout engine

This engine was run in on Norris Designs dyno and achieved a figure of 1027 BHP under the watchful eyes of Simon Norris and with the superb mapping skills of Motec guru Dave Rowe.
It has not been used and remains a freshly built unused engine .
Massive saving over full retail price at only £12,995
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