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Hi Gents,

Im on the route of forging my evo5 engine and start looking for the parts,
most of the ads are saying "for 4G63 evo 8,9". maybe a noob question but its better to ask than sorry.
Question is can i use the following parts which says "for 4G63 evo 8,9" to my evo5 engine:
Main Stud Kit
Head Stud Kit
Forged Piston(Wiseco,CP,Arias) 85.25 bore
Connecting Rod(Manley, Eagle,..) H-Beam 7 Bolt 5.905" Length
Connecting Rod Bearing
Main Bearing
Head Gasket
Cams Intake/Exhaust
Valve Spring and Retainer kit
Hydraulic Lifters 3mm Lash Adjusters

If I miss something that i need to look for please mention it,
TIA :)

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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