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Engine fault

When flooring the throttle I seem to have almost imeadiate boost, over 2.1 bar, then engine stutters, hesitates & boost gauge dops to zero for part of a second, then swings back.

Any clues were to look for faults

The boost gauge is a Defi 2.0 bar

Sugestions are
1. spark being blown out
2. faulty coil

Where to start?


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Fatman said:
How do you know

Only had a new turbo assembly 2000 miles ago
Did they supply a new actuator or did you re-use the old one?

If you are getting imediate boost and all your boost control pipes are in place then its very likely that your actuator (which controls the wastegate in the turbo) is not working and therefore you have no form of boost control.

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Does sound like the actuator.
Take off the pipe that supplys the actuator from the boost control solenoid and see if you can blow straight through it. If you can then it's knackered and you need a new one. Also check for any free play in the actuator arm itself. Make sure that it's still actually attached.

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