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Has any one got an engine,low miles for a 6. A friend has blown his to pieces.

Please mail me or call. Tel. 01925 495708

Thanks Paul.

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Soory to hear of your mates predicament : how do he manage that ??

The only thing I can suggest is trying soeone who rallies the evo's

I know 2 people, neither of whom I have numbers for on me now, but can source if you want :

Dom Buckley : Kelso, Scotland
Keith Bird, Anwick, Lincolnshire

If they dont have one, bound to know someone who does ?

Post a message to suit if you want their numbers.

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Pretty certain Tim Ashton @ BTR Preparations has got one.

No contact details, but they're in Castleford, W. Yorks.

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Talking of evo 6's

Do any of these people possible have 5 or 6 wheels ? and do you have the relevent telephone numbers.

I would like four for track days

Many thanks

email me if you like

[email protected]

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Try Steve Hill Motorsport in Bucks.
01844 201 025
ask for Mike Bennett or Andy Hill
they've always got various Evo's scattered around the place in differing states of crash.
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