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engine building course

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how long does it take and what is the course called

if u wanna learn about building race engines etc etc basically everything about it and fitting it back in the engine bay too of course

ive been inspired since air force john built his own evo , he did a might good job :D
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moses ive been a mechanic for 25 years ,mostly big diesel powered machinery ,but the one thing i have learned is you never learn it all.saying all that, you,ve been around these cars for years. you would surprise yourself just how much you do know.and what you don't know you know who to call who does know.try saying that fast 5 times.agood set of tools,a service manual,parts book and patience and you would be amazed at just what you can do.was just talking to sam today about doing more of my own work on the car as mitsi don't seem to be able to do it.time to get stuck in my friend
have a check at your local colleges see what they offer in the way of night couses ,part time or correspondence or depending on circumstance,full time. only thing is these courses will probably start at the beginning . which means you have to learn to fix lada's before ferrari's. best way go to scrappy get an engine cheap strip it down build it back up replacing or repairing as required and then run the engine. flog that one and do it all over again.the basic bits are all the same, its the precision,materials,engineering,timing ,qualityall added up that make the difference plus plenty money helps.practice makes better. no such thing as perfect this side of heaven.books you get at any good book shop.all the tuner mags have good tech articles.always be ready to listen.the info is there you just need to look.if you do decide to try it give me a shout if you need anything,your only an hour up the road. God bless ,steve
1 - 2 of 20 Posts
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