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After leaving the Evo 6 for 7 days the battery was dead, and as I knew it was a bit weak I replaced it with a new one from Halfords (HB054).

Went to start it and nothing !

I thought it just might need charging so I jumped it with the missus's car and took it for a blast and all seemed fine. I thought I would check it would restart upon returning and did so, but nothing not any lights on the dash !

Rejumped it and checked that it was charging with a multimeter and all seemed fine.

I turned the aircon on and the power to the car was intermittently being cut, resulting in a 'check engine' light on the dash which disappeared when the aircon was turned off. Went to blast it up the road and the car died no matter whether the aircon was on or not.

Anyone got any ideas ? Seems like a bad connection or something ?

Any help appreciated.

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Have you checked the fuses? There are two sets of fuses, one under the bonnet by the air filter the other above the pedals on the right. I had a fuse blow once and had all sorts of strange problems.

Have you checked the voltage of the battery when it is not being charged?

Hope this helps.


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As with most things your first instinct is usually right.
It does sound like the typical symptom of a dodgey connection. Are the battery terminals secure? I know you have just changed it but there is a problem with the positive terminal, you will find that you can overtighten the clamp easily and bend the soft lead out of shape. It will not grip the battery correctly resulting in it coming loose. This will eventually result in engine/electrical cut outs when coming under load.
I had the same problem with mine after fitting a new battery, I didn't get any cut outs but after checking the positive battery terminal a week later it just lifted off! The previous owner or the garage had overtightened it and bent the clamp together so it wasn't gripping correctly. Take the clamp off completely and reshape it using a former the same shape as the battery terminal and a hammer (the old battery terminal will do as a former if its no good otherwise a tapered screwdriver handle may do).
If its not that then check the main leads from the battery for security and corrosion also check all the earth leads for the same.

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Problem Sorted

Turns out that the new battery I bought was a dud !!

It was shorting across the cells occasionally...

Very annoying !

Tks very much for your advice.
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