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You can appeal (before you pay - if that makes sense).

There are many ways to try get a decent VRT quote - yes the NOx and import duty are a fúcking nightmare but the car (if sorted) is worth it. I entered the raffle for that car as I had an EG VII in 2008 and regret ever selling it.

The VRT is valued on the OMSP of what a car can expect to fetch "at arms length" (Revenues words - not mine) in the state with all fees paid, I argued that the valuation INCLUDES VRT as the car cannot beregistered without and therefor the 36% is 136% and effectively double taxing.

The OMSP (Open Market Selling Price) is not the the OMAP (Open Market ASKING Price) which is what's advertised and this was the basis of my 'appeal' in 2016 (yes I know the market is 100% different now) and I got 52% back. I 'forced' revenue to "prove" that similar cars were SELLING for that valuation at the time, in the state, and they couldn't prove it. I went as far as the commission.

Also, if there is a VIN in the state of a crashed EVO and someone has it they may be convinced to sell it which is another way around it.

Finally - a track car.

How much you sell it for? 😁
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