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aus73 said:
Hi All,

A remap of the standard EVO 8 260 will boost it to 290-295 bhp. Sadly, without changing the exhaust system you will still have the same bottom end lag, but the performance after 3500 rpm is much better, and will pull cleanly until the redline. With ECUTEK the dealers won't pick it with the mitsubishi diagnostic tools either.

Of course the throttle response is much better, and the power delivery at part throttle cruising is a bit smoother and sharper aswell.

Any further questions contact me on 08709-911-797. We've done lots of work on the 8 260 - I'm sure you'll be impressed.

Chris Davies
WRC Tehnologies
What about on a totally std mr320 even with cat fitted? as I'd like to not worry about the warranty being affected but would like alittle more go and have the bloody fuel cut adjusted.
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