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Connector B62, Pin 86, all yellow cable.
(To help identify it connector B62 has 22 pins. Looking at the back of the connector/ECU socket Pin 86 is bottom row 5th from the left. To the left of it will be yellow/white stripe cable, to the right will be a yellow/red stripe cable.)

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saves me having to take photo (try soldering wires on!)
presumably it is right

still cut but may have to rejoin it for speed data logging!


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Thanks Heave Ho!! Have just made the connection minutes ago on your advice.

I think your just the man for my next question : What is the pulse rate or pulses per mile that the speed sensor operates at? I need this information to set up a cruise control I have just fitted. Our Australian delivery Lancers operate at 4000 pulses but it doesn't seem to be working. I have an INTEC speedo converter fitted to change from mph to kph...would this influence the pulse rate in any way?


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I have a mechanical cruise control fitted to my Evo 6 GSR, I push the accelerator down as hard as I can and when it won't move any more I begin cruising :D

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That is a very good question and got me thinking!
The only (rough) way I know of working it out would be to connect up a meter to the speed sensor output, switch on the ignition and roll the car forward one complete revolution of a wheel and count the pulses on the meter (5 volt spikes).
If you have standard 225/45R17 tyres then multiply the number of pulses by 807.61 to give you the number of pulses per mile.

Unfortunately I don't know the number of teeth on the speedometer drive gear on the centre diff otherwise I could work it out. Looking at a very dodgey diagram of it would suggest at least 4 or 5 pulses per revolution of the output shaft but maybe more (5 would be roughly 4000 per mile on 225/45R17).

In theroy the speedo converters should only be fitted just before the speedo itself and therefore they will have no effect on the signal going to the ECU, having said that Ralliart I believe fit converters on top of the speedo gear on the gearbox so that will change the signal at source? Really it all depends where your converter is wired in as to what it effects.

If it is case of just dialing in the correct figures until the cruise control works then try these rough figures and see how you get on:
or if the converter effects the ECU signal:

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Thanks for the info. again Heave Ho. Well after all that I found out that the pulse rate was in fact 4000! Everything was fine except for a crimped vacuum hose!! Gotta hate that!
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