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Easy (read stupid) question.

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I have to ask to be clear in my own mind....

If my car is stationary, and I'm out of gear,and I have the clutch depressed, and rev to 4000rpm (ish) there will be no drive going through the trasnfer box/prop area will there ?
There can't be, as I'd move bloody forward, yes ?

May seem daft but I've got what sounds like an exhaust baffle vibration or similar, but the garage have just said that the vibration is in the transfer box. How can this be when there will be no movement in the transfer box under the conditions I just described. The vibration is like a metalic harshness - much like an exhaust baffle has worked loose or a heat sheild is loose.

I'm going to call them tomorrow to query them and I want to be sure I'm not mistaken in my theory on the transfer box when the car is out of gear.

Ta all.

Getting more fecked off ever bloody minute. HH6 can I join your club !?
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Is it a loose CAT cover, I take it they would have checked this and Im sure the transfer box shouldnt have drive with no clutch ot you will move foward
He he, nice try Al, but no cigar. I have no cat (Well apart from the two moggys in the house), and no cat cover. In fact the cat cover is in a cardboard box in my garge so if I can hear that rattling it must be loud. LOL

You are thinking the same as me, its probably one of the many skid plates that cover the full length of the exhaust. I was hoping thats what the garage would check. I can't becuase my garage is currently full of kitchen and old carpet (don't ask). so I can't get at my stands and stuff to get the car in the air to look.

HH6 kindly confirmed what I(and you just said) thought about the transfer box though.

Al, are you going to come to the RR day Trevor is trying to organise. It sounds a very good venue. I bet you have more BHP than me as well with that fancy boost controler - ya bugger ! :D

The reason for the CAT bit was becuase the same thing happen to my mums Megane!!, thought they engine had blown, the AA man was not impressed. Have you replaced the whole exhaust system then. Repalced mine as you know but now have no skid plates, tjhis that bad? A mans garage is a special area for the use of storing cars, you will be teling me next your selling your car becuase you want a micra becasue their so relaible :)

Is the place who said to was the transfer box the same place that fitted your brand new sparkling bearbox, may be there after more of your well earned cash.
You going to get paraniod like me now, turn the radio off if I think that the cars making a funny noise only to find its a diesel van behind be.
Im up for the rolling road, see what im pulling, dont know if I really trust them though, but if a get higher figures than any Evos, then the machine must be working great:)
Nah, I just replaced the cat, standard exhaust. The skid plates are good in case I drive over anything low, but considering I have the ride height of a Land Rover I'd have to drive over a stood-up policeman to clout the silencers !
Micra ! Good God man, although my wife has now passed her test and as the insurance company laughed like a drain down the phone at her we are off searching at the weekend for a cheap and cheerful eco box for the daily slog to work and back (she works at the same company). Handily that will reduce the Evo fuel/service bill and wear and tear a lot. Phew.

It wasn't the same company, so I don;t think they are snaffling for more cash - but I'm not impressed with my normal servicing place. The car has been mis-diagnosed and I have gained two scratches on the front wing and a chip on a bonnet vent. Grrr.

I'm always paranoid about noises :( and I really want my garage back. I was all set to put the interior trim and stuff into the MG when the kitchen arrived. Most has been fitted, but some needs to go back. And I have a spare bloody cooker and dishwasher in there now. Not to mention the old living room carpet. Arse !

I shall probably see you at the rolly road day then, so long as trevor gets enough interest to run.


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Seems like your garage is trying to empty your pockets again ;). Nothing can move inside the transfer is the car is stopped. Also if there was anything like a broken tooth in transfer box it wouldn't rattle as it would be emersed in oil. Sounds like something loose somewhere, give the tailpipe a few kicks to see if you can hear anything or check the rear gearbox mounting is secure as it's fairly close to the transfer box. Other than that just turn up your radio and just bloody drive:D.
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