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Early Evo Headunit Wiring

Just bought a Maystar PX684 on the understanding it would convert the factory headunit connection to ISOs

The plug is completely wrong.

So does anyone know which adaptor I SHOULD be buying? Autoleads AND Maystar both claim to cater for them, but can't find the specific EVO model in their catalogues.

Can anyone help? What have you guys bought?



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After no joy anywhere, and a seeming complete lack of expertise, I've fitted ISOs to the std loom.

Pinouts in e2 (Evo II) are as follows:

Note: you MUST earth your headunit to the chassis. Do not rely on the aerial sheild as an earth.

Aerial Control = Pink
Illumination = Green/Yellow
Battery Live = Green/Red
Switched Live = Blue

Front Speakers
FrontLeft+ = White/Blue
FrontLeft- = Blk/Blue
FrontRight- =Blk/Red

Rear Speakers
RearLeft+ = Yel/Blue
RearLeft- = Gry/Blue
RearRight+ = Yel/Red
RearRight- = Gry/Red

Hope this helps anyone in a similar predicament. :)
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