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According to ASA, the part numbers for the CT9A Evo front O2 sensor are:

2001 VII - MR578531, succeeded by MN153398
2002 VII - MN153398
2003-05 VIII - MN153010
2006 IX - 1588A064

My car is a 01' VII and I couldn´t find a OEM or aftermarket replacement anywhere. The closest I got was the Denso DOX-0314 aftermarket part, listed as Outlander 01-04 replacement.

For both Evos VIII and IX the aftermarket part is the same: Denso 234-4741.

So, does anyone know the right part for the VII? Can I use a VIII probe?

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only difference is the length of the wire its longer on 7s

you could use a bosch sensor part number LS05 0 258 986 505-36y you need to solder the wires to wiring on existing connector, colors are below

wires from sensor to connector loom
2 white go to 2 black
grey to white
black to blue
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