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This has probably been answered B4 but here goes

What is the max speed @ 7000rpm in each gear in a Evo 6 GSR.

The reason I ask is I've driven 4 over the weekend and two were completley different (or seemed)



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Here goes

1st 41/7000
2nd 59/7000
3rd 81/7000
4th 111/7000
5th 151/7000

Hope this helps

And by the way at 7720 in fith on 18 wheels it's 170mph, in Germany of course ;)


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Thanks T27

One car would only do 52mph ( on speedo) at the red line, plus the speedo would jump upto 20 mph at about 8-10 mph.



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Thats great, but any chance of doing that plot at say 4000 revs, its easier to get pen and paper out at legal speeds, I am collecting my 5 with RS gears from the rolling road this afternoon, ( Getting it checked out for offering rally rides at Brooklands this Sat!) so will post record of speedo readings at 4000 from driving back up the road, A31 Hogs back,
anyone with an RS2 wanta do the same?, then we have record for all three types of gearboxes, so everyone else can check what type is fitted to the car. HH6 could use this too
BTW, the speedo is a geared indicator, so changing the tyre size will not change the displayed reading, but will effect only the actual speed.
Time driving past 16x 100m posts on a motorway for a minute at an indicated 62 mph/ 100kph, that will tell you how acurate your speedo is ( or what i was actually doing, your honour!).
PS: Any one wanna measure number turns from lock to lock on steering wheel, this is also different on both versions
All the best RogerRally

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Thanks for that T27.
Where did you get those figures from? Cos by my reckoning my speedo has got to be absolutely spot on, in the first 4 gears anyway!

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