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I want to remove the ayc and amp; replace it with a ltd slip diff , has anyone done this ? if so what did you fit ?

Plus I want to change the GSR high final drive ratio with the RS low ratio , using the original GSR gearbox , ie long 4th and amp; 5th gears still instead of the RS close ratios , what top speed should this give ?

I`m trying to achive a compromise between the GSR which is to long for trackdays and the frantic RS short final drive and amp; close ratio box which is to low for normal road work.

Any info would be appreciated :)

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I am currently replacing the AYC on my LHD TME. Ordered a CUSCO 148F from Ralliart which didnt fit. COst GBP 1200. Minus 20%. Toney Cox said they have replaced it on GSRs and didnt understand why it wouldnt fit. Neither do I.
Now going to replace the complete rear diff with housing with an RS type diff. You also need new driveshafts, a new propeller shaft and the parts that hold the housing in place (the name of which I forgot and nobody tells me :().
To change the ratios you need to take out the gearbox and replace the 4th and 5th gear things. Available from Coordsport I guess. No idea about the final gear ratio.

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Dave - get the CUSCO rear diff which fits in the rear casing. Norris Designs have done this to their car, so a good place to start asking questions.

With regards to the gearbox - that is trickier. The final drive is in the gearbox, and there is a lot of choice.

For a track car, 1st gear is already a waste of time. 2nd is pretty good, but there is a gap between 2nd and 3rd, and 5th is never used. I considered putting the final drive in from the RS, but it makes all gears shorter and doesn't address the gaps. The setup I have now is standard GSR 1,2 then 3,4,5 from the RS and the GSR final drive - co-ordsport call this the RS2 box. The net result is that 3rd, 4th and 5th are all about 500rpm shorter - so top speed isn't affected much. Whichever way you go, you will get a similar top speed - but this way, the gears are much better spaced.

You can actually mix and match gears completely. I have a great document on it, if you want it mail me.

Changing the final drive is a big job, as it is gearbox out - so there is no difference in the effort. May as well get the gears shot peened and the box rebuilt while it is out, particularly if you have alot of swarf on the magnetic plug. Probably a good time to replace the clutch too if it is marginal.

I just bought another box (£1200|PLS|vat) and will get the other one rebuilt later.

Welcome to try my car out.

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Thanks for that , was the RS2 box £1200 |PLS|vat outright from co-ordsport ?

I hope to see you at Goodwood next month . :)

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was the RS11 box £1200 |PLS|vat outright from co-ordsport ?

Yes (approx) - talk to Phil Smith.

I have a used box you could rebuild which would cost you less :D
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