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e4 Stroker Or Not please please help

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asked few people bout strokering a e4 block.

1 or 2 say that it wouldnt be a problem and crankwalk would be eliminated by using the stroker kit

others say that i should just get a latter block and start their

please can some1 put me in the right direction so i dont spend money on this 2 find out i could suffer the crankwalk again

also can the bearing be used from a latter e engine to stop the walk

please help me!!!
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I thought crank walk was a function of the bearing journal and their lack of support.

this is a feature of the block, not of the crank.

For the sake of the cost of an E5/6/7/8/9 block, I wouldn't take the risk, especially since the stroker will be increasing the load on the block as it is.
so i should scrap the 4 block and find 5/6/7/8/9 roughly how much am i looking to pat for 1 of these?
I sold a complete evo 5 engine for £400 or thereabouts, had a dodgy piston but the block was fine.

should be at most a few hundred pounds but preferably a lot less.
Im in the process of doing a stroker on my E4 and am using a E8 MR block. I personally would not do a stroker on a E4 block - as Adam stated crankwalk is a feature of the block, not of the crank. Sure there are ways of reducing the risk but do you really want that risk however small after spending a small fortune on a full rebuild?
ok thanks for ur help will try and sort out a latter block would the e4 block b good for anything except a plant pot?
Get a E5 onwards block to be sure, E4 is prone to walk no matter what you do, also you have that option unlike us early evo guys who have to struggle on with the E1-3 blocks and make the best of it :(

Your best bet is to try sell your good working E4 lump.
if your selling your E4 Engine give us a shout!!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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