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if you can help, do you mind scanning the following pages and send to my corporate email address [email protected]

- all lubricant specs/ratings for both engine and gearboxes ie. transfer box, LSD, AYC
- diagrams for all the fill-n-drain points of each gearboxes will be very helpful

thanks mate!!

well, i'm gonna f*cked the mechanic who replaced all my gearboxes ie. primary, front|PLS|rear transfer, oil with Castrol LSX (one oil for all) which is intended for Limited Slip Differential only (since i gotta know my stock GSR has no LSD at all). what's the recommended oil for the primary gearbox and front|PLS|rear transfer, anyone?! what you guyz usually use and any differences technically?! how should i replace the AYC oil?! just drain from the AYC bolt (located underneath) and refill on the top reservoir will do, simple as that?! some says i need MUT-II for the job?!
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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