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Finally the day had come where my car went on the rollers. Honestly was a bit nervous as it was my first dyno run. The run had been done on a Maha dyno maintained by Hirsch Performance the Saab factory tuner and was operated by the mapper himself. The outcome:

RPM HP CO Torque

3000 184 6.8% 405NM
4000 244 7.5% 417NM
5000 306 8.2% 410NM
6000 340 9% 385NM
7000 345 10% 350NM

Peak Power: 347.4PS @ 6860rpm, Power @ the wheels: 259HP
Peak Torque: 417NM @ 4600 rpm
Boost: Peak 1.5bar, held 1.4bar, tappering off to 1.3bar at 7000rpm
Temp: 16 deg. Celsius
Atmospheric pressure: 953mbar

At the same time my mate with a Scoob fitted with PPP, Dawes devices, peaking at 1.25bar, held 1.1-1.2bar, Scoobysport donwpipe and backbox, ITG panel filter gave 260HP and 340NM.

We did three runs with my car as once the wheels spun. The fan was so huge I almost thought my bonnet will be blown off!

I'm very pleased with the result. The mapper mentioned the nice shape of the curves and it really delivers on the road. Before I had the Sports ECU but the car runs now much better, smoother, more torque and pulling in 5. gear as before in 4th gear.

My setup:
PE remap, allowing 1.5bar held boost
PE High Flow fuel pump
RA Relocation kit with RA panel filter
Turboxs Manual boost controller
ARP conrod bolts
Supersprint downpipe ID 2.75 inch
HJS WRC Racing cat 3 inch
HKS Hyper Muffler cat back ID 2.75 inch

This setup is very well suited to the mountain roads I drive, makes a lot of fun as you can get the backend out even in 3. gear when playing with the throttle.
Best thing is that soon you can datalogg from the standard ECU and then I can still get a fine tuning if I feel the need.


PS: Credits to all who pointed me in the right direction like Clive, Norm and Sam. Very big thanks to my dad who maintains my car and fitted all the stuff together with me, even welded stainless steel flanches for the race cat and did various other things

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About your boost control, how did u manage to lower boost at higher rpm's only using a manual boost controller.

Carlos H.

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you replied before I could correct my post. Huge thanks to you as you helped me alot to make up my mind with your no-bullshit approach and real-world experience! Cams and intake-exhaust manifolds would be great but at the moment I have to upgrade the driver first! But you know better than me once the tuning bug has bitten you're lost in space (or at least your wallet:D).


you just need to fiddle around with the settings on the HPBC to get the desired boost curve. I'll open the bleed a bit more and close the ball and spring device to have even steadier boost and sustaining that tenth of boost at high revs.



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like the man says,as you develop the car,
4th gear becomes like 3rd was,
5th gear becomes like 4th was.....
i am struggling to get 4th like 2nd was,but give me time...........

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get a RS gearing, cheapest way to get a much stronger feel in higher gears;)



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very impressive mike :D

very good figures. 260bhp at the wheels is impressive. what was it before?

now hoping my car will do any where near those figures :( but i doubt it.

how does the pe map compare to the sport ecu at the same boost level?


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Hi Sam

haven't dynoed the car when it was standard so no figures.

Compared with the Sports ECU it feels much torquier, before you had to rev to nuts off, now when shifting at 5500/6000 you're still in the powerband. A nice indicator of the improved torque are the rear tyres as you can brake traction much more easily so they have to sustain much more drifts:D As stated it pulls now in 5th as it pulled before in 4th.
Also throttle response has improved dramatically which makes the car more adjustable through corners. Mind I still have a cat although a racing metall cat and you can actually see through!
Overall I'm very pleased. It absolutely matches my expectation and the setup is very well suited to our mountainous roads with good torque already low down, makes huge fun accelerating out of hairpins.
The mapper was very fond of the power curves and not only the absolute figures. He reckons it to be quick on the road with the wide torque band and still enough puff in high revs.

What about your car? Hope you have it now sorted out! I heard you couldn't pull away on the track day from T-UK. I leave a PPPd Scoob with Dawes for dead, above 100km/h no chance.


thanks for the credits. What times do you get by accelerating from 2000-7000rpm in 4th gear? This gives a nice indication about the real world power! BTW I start from 2000 so not comming from lower revs and then begin to stop the time when the needle crosses the 2000 mark.



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Hi Mike,

Glad to see you have obtained very good results from your car after the months of planning and modding. It just shows that with the right equipment, set up correctly you do not have to spend a fortune to get a good power and torque figure from an Evo, you achieved this yourself (apart from the remap) which is even more satisfying, I'm very pleased for you.



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Hi Clive

thanks for your support through this months of planning, researching and finally putting all the bits together. You hit the nail on the head, doing the stuff by yourself with help of knowledgeable people gives you satisfaction.
Looking forward to see the developement of your EVO into a real track weapon. With your know-how it should become a real stunner. It will need some good brakes and in this respect let me know what I can do for you!



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PE High Flow fuel pump
I notices that you only replace your fuel pump and kept the stock injectors.
Can the stock EVO injectors handle that much WHP?
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