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I have been away from the board for a while, and things seem to have been pretty dull...whats going on?

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We've all been away from the board practicing our tennis!!! (But lets not go there again ;))


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It was tthe dogs nuts...

8.00 am tee off for golf (buggy needs more boost)

1.00pm pub (4 pints)
3.00pm registry office (feeling bit light headed)
4.oopm mums gaff (champers)
6.00pm restaruant slap up meal (heards of booze)
11.00pm honeymoon suite (damn confeti gets everywhere)

Saturday 7.00pm huge firework party mate turns up with fireworks the size of a small child..wicked evening (monged out)

Sunday back on ####..watched my guitar teacher at a gig which happened to clash with happy hour...(monged out again)

Monday back to work......Kerry Packered.

All in all a top weekend.

Evo is still here and the saxo too...I think that the ring on her finger has made her forgive me getting the 6 without consulting her...yipee. perhaps when she gets the hump next time i'll give her a sprog or something? mmmm. must give RC a call

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bolney? where when why how?

no scoobie net for a while now? is there an imposter?

i have noticed that both lee and daz have sprogs and modded evo's I see a link emerging?
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