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Has someone used the DS 3000 pad in his brembo caliper This must be a really good competion pad
they eat the discs for breakfest but thats no prob just put them in on track days if youre discs warps these babies reskim automaticly border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| absmiddle >


going sideways

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hé Andre,

Yes I used the DS 3000 pads. only one track day and the discs were gone, and there were little burnmarks, probally made by the very hot iron dust, on the paint of the car and the wheel. warping still continues. I've had it with these Brembo ****. I 'm gonna buy myself a new hub and a 4 pot AP brake system with a 330 disc. then we can brake like we used to.

greetings and good luck


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Dear André,

I tell you it is the truth. everybody on this forum is having trouble with the Brembo brake system. it is no good, believe me.

ps. dré, je weet toch wel dat ik ook in de beton doe he!? dus je lult lekker met me mee of je staat volgende week in het ijselmeer. Voorts blijf je m'n beste vriend.

Sorry for the dutch guy's but I think that andré is a dutchman, I think I met him one day on a track. If it is him I tell you that he is one hell of a driver.



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I'm a Mainland Lowlander as well and I also believe I know this Andre person. If so, I can tell you he is a shitty driver. Not once have I seen him do a decent turn. Everytime he steers in, the car slides massively to all sides. Mostly he loses the rear to a degree that it looks as if the car is entering the turn backwards. That he manages to recover the car every time again must be a matter of mega luck. Some say this is due to his good car control but I have big doubts. He's a lucky ars, no more.

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