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spoke to jamie tonight about dms 50mm suspension . the questions asked
can he re valve here in the uk ????
ans: not as yet but they are opening a place in austria to do this service . also he said to answer blades QES why would any one need to re valve theses units ?? he says there are two types of inserts S /NT S is street NT is rally tarmac . theses units are for springs up to 1000lb . to find out which units you have look on the inserts for stamps . the cheapist route if you still need revalveing is to buy a new set of inserts made to your spec cost 400$ aus each |PLS| postage .
can he sell direct ??????
no not now as he has set up a good uk dealer net work and if you talk to them please . good prices should be possible see web site for dealers . SCOOBY MANIA is one with a few more around the country .
if any one else has any qes please ask
oh and its 80 degrees in AUS . best regards

jamie say he will log on too the web site so people can talk direct to him BLOODY NICE CHAP.
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