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We have run proflex on our E5 rally car all this year and when correctly set up it is the dogs nuts.
Rears are a sealed unit and do not require stripping and cleaning it is just the fronts.
The fronts have a sliding bearing / bush and a small amount of oil (about 80cc) is needed to lubricate this bush.
You really do need to be pushing the dampers really hard, bumps and pot holes etc. to get the oil onto the bush.
The stripping and cleaning process takes about 3 hours but you would then need the front geometry reset once you put them back on again.
When we put them back together we put a small amount of grease around the bush... because we then go and road test car and worry that the oil will not lubricate the bush because we are just driving slowly on the road test.

I know guys who run Ohlins and Rieger and they have to do essentailly the same thing.

If you really, really want GPN Proflex they do a 45 mm version and a jumbo version which I think is 55mm.

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T1000, you took the words right out of my mouth. Didn't have the technical lingo for dampers yet, but now I do. I thought the grease around the bush was a standard procedure, at least that's what the one sheet service manual said when we took them apart. How much dirt do your seals let through? When I took mine apart, there was some sand and other dirt in one of the struts, the other one was fully clean. Just wanted to compare road and rally use. In theory, the seals shouldn't let anything through under hard use until the oil's used up.

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Michael K
Typical UK forest event is 45 - 65 miles of stages.
We strip and clean them after every event.
It is was a dry event the oil is usually OK
If it was a wet event then the oil is really mucky and full of bits of grit, dust and mud etc.

I recently tried a car with Reiger suspension and it felt much better than our E5 on gravel.
We are having a new E7 for next year and will be fitting Reiger instead of Proflex.(Reiger seals do look much better)

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Yesterday I had the pleasure to meet Blade, Steve from PE and Droid and be taken around Donnington Park Race Circuit by Ed Moore a highly experienced professional racing driver at the wheel of Blade's Monster. What an experience! Not only is Blade's car the most balanced, well sorted Evo 6 I have ever been in, (it is also one of the fastest) In the hands of Ed Moore this car performed amazingly - I just laughed my head off for 6 laps as Ed braked later, and later and later into corners and just distroyed all in his path. On the track there was the usual gaggle of Lotus Elise, Exige, TVRs etc (Don't forget the old CRX Blade!) along with a well sorted, well driven GT3 and an even better sorted, well driven RSR, and a 550BHP Escort Cossy. The Lancer performed extremely well (I bet those Porsche's were ******!!) - The engine is a peach, the brakes never once showed any issues (I am now convinced AP is THE way to go, with the PE Air Duct Kits) and the suspension (the main reason for my trip) was very impressive. It was compliant, allowed you to really ride the rumble strips without unbalancing the car and minimized roll. Understeer has been greatly reduced and unlike the standard Evo 6 could be driven around . I am now coming to the conclusion that mild understeer is probably the best an Evo owner can hope for and is a trait of the marque (but no big deal when you have 350|PLS| BHP Engine to help correct this too!). More suspension and geometry tweaks may well improve this.
The car could be driven on the throttle, brakes or in the old fasioned method and never once misbehaved. I saw a lot of similarities in the approach PE have taken to building this car for Blade as how Ralliart have approached the E7 eXtreme S and it was reassuring that both these tuning houses have agreed independantly and without prior knowledge on the products that work best in building RELIABLE Super Lancers . Blade's car felt like the eXtreme S too, but better set up - Something only replacing the suspension on the Extreme S would fix to improve it for this application, although I don't think you could ever get close to the 1200KGs Blade's car must weigh (and I believe it!) starting with an E7.
Let's be clear however Blade's car has been designed solely for the track and no compromises have been made to allow for long sustained road use - (He has his M5 for that don't you M8!), whereas the E7 eXtreme S still has to bridge that some Road/ mostly Track compromise in standard delivered form.
Steve from PE was extremely knowledgeable, helpfull and keen to steer you away from making expensive mistakes and if he is representaitve of PE, which I am sure he is, then I would have no issue in letting them loose on my car or asking him for advice - Unfortunately for them, I have already gone another route which exceeds the needs for my application and have long standing, strong relationships with Ralliart - Each to their own.
One hell of a car Blade and a credit to you, PE and your Bank Account - Thanks for the invite!!
This underlined to me the quality of the Drummond kit (the reason for my trip) - Something that will be making it's way onto my car in the future and the value of track driving tuition, which I will also be looking into (get ready Ed!)
Thanks also to Droid for taking me around in his M3 - The best M car BMW have made to date and thankfully shares none of the same DNA with the previous Hairdresser mobile. Impressive drive m8!
What a day!!

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Thanks for that - the Porsches were ####ed. They were total ####ers, and were really racing. I finally got ####ed off with it so ended up in a Porsche sandwich - RSR in front, GT3 behind. I left the GT3 easily on the long corners (Coppice) and the straights. The RSR was really quick, but I was gaining on him each lap. Didn't overtake him, as we had to come off for fuel!

As for the CRX - ####ER! He very nearly put me into the wall - he indicated to let me pass, and then when I was along side started to drift towards me. Lucky for me, Ed was in the car, saw it and corrected it!

The car is every bit as good as SuperL says, but if you do have a nasty moment in it - it will be a big one! I had one yesterday in Craner with Droid in the passenger seat. Kept it on the track, no big deal, but we were going very fast when it happened!

There was a red TME going round too - anyone here??

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I know that Dave has DMS shocks on his car (Near Manchester). I'll see him on Wed, and see what his thoughts are.


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clauius how can your evo have no front diff? do you mean a open front diff? and the front diff is in the gearbox not the transfer box!

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Yes, I mean the diff, like the part that looks like it was there, but it was empty. Do you call that open diff?

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according to workshop manuals the centre diff is the one at the back of the gear box and the front diff is the one in the transfer box. This could be a translation **** up as I'm not sure how this would work.

I posted some time ago about LSD in the centre diff/front diff as opposed to open diffs. Basically the workshop manual only shows an open diff for the centre with LSD an option for the front. Other Mitsi glossies claim viscous centre diff. But i dunno.

Ideally what i like to be able to do is to take a gearbox/transfer box assembly apart and get my fingers good and oily until I understood the way the system works.
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