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Does anyone know how to contact Drummond or if they have a website?
I am trying to get my head around 40A Gold v 50mm v 60mm, their intended applications and the differences...

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SuperL, I have Drummond suspension. Power Engineering can sort any Drummond set-up for you ( You need to talk to David Power, and mention my name (Tony Rodriguez).

Drummond do have a web-site,

AVO is their UK distributor

Tel: 01604 708101
Fax: 01604 761030
e-mail: [email protected]
Contact: Nigel Killerby

I have the 60mm set-up, although opted for higher rated linear Eibach Springs, as Drummond couldn't supply the springs I wanted in time. As standard the tarmac kit for the EVO comes with double progressive springs, which are good for the road though.

The 50mm and 60mm are similar. The bigger the strut the more finely the damping is controlled, and the better the car handles. Riding kerbs on a track for example is so easy with these big struts - the car stays totally controlled. The 40m gold struts will be ok for street use. What is your application??
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