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Has anyone had any experience in driver tuition ? Next year I would like to take out some kind of one to one tuition in my evo.
How much could I expect to pay and what would be the gains ? It would be nice to learn the limit of my motor in a safe enviroment. (Last time I tried was in my corrado VR6 and I ended up with a 6 month ban !)


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best thing to do is hire Don Palmer for a day ( He'll charge 350 quid.

Then you can either do road driving, driving at Bruntingthorpe or even a trackday or a mixture.

I intend to do this when i get some time.

He usually takes people to Bruntingthorpe where its 50 quid for an hour per car.

If 3 of you spend the day there you can get 2 hours one-to-one with him each (which will easily be enough to drastically knock a big dent in your driving abilities) for 200 quid then share his 350 quid hire charge 3 ways.

Have had reports from many people who have been instructed by him... he is one hell of a driver at the limit.

For fast road driving I have also had teh following organistaion highly recommenede to me: A lot cheaper with sessions at as low as 120 quid.


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Ed Moore at Motorsport-Events (current Formula Ford contender and ex-Formula Ford champion) instructs me. If you take lessons at one his track days, it is around £30 a session. I usually hire him for the whole day, which varies, but around £175 for the full day - if you share him with some mates (and you can easily get 7/8 sessions in a day), and allow 2 session each, you can get very well instructed for £50.

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