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when fitting the APEXi EGT probe/sensor, the mechanic drilled a small hole just below the top flange of the downpipe (just after the turbo - which i think it's safer) so that it could measure as accurate as possible if not to be mounted on the exhaust manifold directly (which is the best location i assume). my concern is, they didn't remove the downpipe but instead drilled a hole on-situ thus i believe those drilled metal residue will be left inside the downpipe, as metal dust or tiny pieces. is this ok coz' i'm a bit worried it may got sucked to the turbo when i started the car for the 1st time after they completed the installation?! is it true that the exhaust air only rushes out 1-way (to the rear all the time) and not the other way round ie. during gear shift maybe?! pls help...
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