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drenth dogbox

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As title

built by Wayne at arnside motorsport from brand new gear set

fitted to evo 6 gearbox casings

ricardo uprated output shaft

Gear Nr of teeth ratio
1. 12 36 3.0000
2. 13 26 2.0000
3. 17 25 1.4706
4. 18 20 1.1111
5. 28 24 0.8571
F/drive 13 56 4.3077

on a 205/65/15 Gravel tyre, with the Group N Ratios you will get 125 Mph @ 6000 Rpm,good for 158 mph @ 8000 rpm on 245/40/18

done 160 miles from new,done half dozen events(sprints msa)so done very little,approx 30 competition miles.


,good saving on new price(approx £6500),located in Aberdeenshire

contact by pm,cheers,martin


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What are you upgrading to ??
No upgrade,don't come much better than the drenth,fitting standard box into car for my euro trip,if the box don't sell,will keep it for track work as it's awesome compared to a syncro box!!
Open to realistic offers
Open to realistic offers
what your asking for it is realistic

can this run without clutch:naughty:
bump for you bud
having a look steve,tempting??:D

what your asking for it is realistic

cheers mate:smthumbup

can this run without clutch:naughty:
you could if you want to,always used the clutch as ran h pattern,with a sequential shifter and some sort of ignition cut,flat shift all the way:)
would love to martin
but need to get the car going first .
pics added to original post
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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