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Door Warning light

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HI Guys, I'm driving 2003 JDM Evo8 RHD.
My problem is the Door warning light is not "ON" when either one of the door opened. Check the wire connector/room light/buzzer is all ok and function as original. Bulb ok, try to loop -ve wire to connector pin at meter 34 , th elights goes reality that pin had no signal, pin 8 got voltage supplied.. After check all, still the light is not "ON". Have you guys have this experience ? .:wallbang:
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try wigging the door switch side to side and light usually come's on
every evo 5-6 ive had did this..down to worn door switch's
buy new not secondhand
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hi.. I've tried to swap to all 4 doors switch...but still cannot light it ON...and for your info, the switch, when I tried to play with the signal ON Off ( by manual pressing and by door open close ), the room light and buzzer is function , means the switch connection is good to turn ON and OFF the room light and also the buzzer..only the door warning light at combination meter is not light ON..
Have you checked continuity between pin 34 on the meter and connector C228, pin 53 (Blue wire) on the ETACS ECU? Also, what happens if you earth pin 53?
Yeah...i've checked that...continuity is ok...when I groung the blue wire pin 53..the door warning light is ON and if I ground the blue wire pin 34 from meter..the Door warning light is also ON
You mean the ecu malfunction @ damage?. But other than that function is good . Only door warning did not light ON will consider ETACS damage ?
If the other outputs (interior light and chime) are working as they should then the only option is the ECU.
I'm now using Tephra v7 SD, is it effecting any of these function failure root cause ?
You're still using the ETACS ECU though? It is separate from the engine ECU.
Yeah, I know it's you mean by the ECU is the ETACS Failure ?
If like that , so I need to find one.. another it to change the ETACS just Plug and Play ?
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