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I have just had a discussion with a friend of mine who runs a Caterham race team - he was talking about a session he had at Donnington where they were clocking 1:15 lap times. I seem to remember that there were some quicker times posted on here recently by some of you (Blade?) I want to tell him how slow that is but want to get my facts straight first ;)

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This time cannot be for the full circuit or if it is, he has the new lap record and good on yer! From memory Blade was razzing round the non Melbourne Loop circuit in 1m25 something and Ed Moore was doing 1m24 but that was in traffic I think Blade got down to 1:20s which was blistering! World Super Bikes can only get around the full circuit in 1m 30!
This should be an interesting thread...

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Right, I did 1m23 in traffic. Ed did 1m 20, reckon he could do 1m18. With new turbo, LSD and other bits (secret) - 1m15 is likely. All these times are national circuit. A Lotus 340R would do 1m27ish.

1m15 is firkin quick. FOr example, the lap record for a BTCC car (was a primera) was 1m11s.

I doubt the time was on the GP circuit. Ayton Senna did that in his Mclaren in 1m18.03s

Enrique Bernoldi in his F3 car did 1m28.53. Both blistering times. A fast time for normal c ars would be 1m40 to 1m45.

It is all academic anyway - how was it timed? Timing is banned anyway on trackdays :D :D

My guess was that if he had a race prepared caterham, running slicks in the dry (say 200|PLS|bhp) he could easily do this time if the track was clear. And you should congratulate him!

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OK - as far as I know it was the national circuit (I'll check today) it was a test day not a track day and hes not a bad driver (has won the Caterham championship) He runs a race team and did that time showing one of his paying drivers the capabilities of the car. I'm considering doing a race in one if I can pluck up the courage :)

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A Lotus 340R will lap the National Circuit faster than 1.27.

I reckon 1.22ish is about right - they will always be way quicker than Scoobs/EVOs (std) round any normal track.

If piloted by a decent driver of course....

Heard unofficial rumours Mellow did a 1.22.... :D

1.15 in an EVO will be some achievement.

Is amazing how much money needs to be chucked at our cars though to equal a Caterham - and I'm not sure we'll ever be able to match a properly driven R500.

Unless it's wet of course :D

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The 340R in question was a 170bhp one, and was well driven. Suspect it could 1m25 if there were less traffic, so a 190bhp one with slickies on should get to 1m23 in theory.

1m15 in an EVO would be good, I agree! Hope I can achieve that, but anything sub 1m20 is pretty darn good for a saloon car!

Right about the costs though - mind you, I have never seen a really, really well driven R500. Think it is tricky getting the power down in them, and I don't think they are as well sorted as you would think. Race prepped caterhams are amazing though, and they cost even less!

I probably would have bought a caterham, 340R etc. if I was shorter/thinner - the EVO is really the only car I fit in comfortably! Even a 360 is a tight squeeze, and impossible with a helmet. I also prefer driving indoors - much nicer in the rain!

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Plus if you turn up to a trackday in an R500 you are expected to kick everyones 4ss....

If you turn up in a modded EVO/Scoob etc, they quite often don't know what hit 'em :D

It's only a Scoob said the Cerbera 4.5 driver to me.....

then when I caught him down the pits...

Is that std?

WTF - err yeah, course it is ;) :D :D
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