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Started off as a good day with great weather! Great to see Droid, SuperL and Jackal. Didn't get to drive the 360 NGT that was there because they were too noisy - damn these race tracks, what is the deal with noise???

Lowlight of the day was when the heavens opened and I had my first ever off in 15 track days - at Redgate. Damaged a couple of wheels, and my pride ;-D

Hope it don't rain on Friday.

Solved alot of problems on the car - continual misfire, boost stuttering etc. - only one left which is definitely the wastegate spring which is too soft causing juddering as the boost flutters badly. Need to sort that out - can get round it my never lifting off :D

Car is peaking at 1.8 bar midrange, so will wind that back up to 2 bar - it is very quick now, and very torquey ;-D

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Glad to hear that the cars getting sorted out , what lap times did you get down to in the dry ?

Sounds like I'll need a tow rope to keep up now! :)

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Great Day ! My first time at Donny and amp; it is sheer extasy, every bend a dream :)

Tony, good to finally meet you. You car looks *kin amaing esp. the new wing - like it ! I'll have to catch a ride with you next time, missed your off but saw them fishing you out of the litter. Droid, good to see you again as well and to meet superL. Why don't you all come up to Oulton end of this month ?

I had a scoot through my video footage and have a few bits of both of you which i'll dig out. I was running 1.26 mostly when there was no traffic hindrance and got a few 1.25's. Cant wait to go back esp. when i know the car better. Bad 115mph top speed though down the back straight though... time to put the aeroscreen on i think to improve things in that department. How the caterham superlight race cars get consistent 1.14's and amp; 1.15's i'll never know :(. Had a spin myself in the wet coming out of redgate but luckily no harm done.

Droid, i might have to ask you about that GPS stuff you had. I think race logic do a kit (the same people who make the AP22 performance meter) and that looks up to the job. The Stack data logging sounds like the cream but is a bit expensive for me.


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Please DO NOT post lap times of trackdays on any bbs. Timing is a no no at trackdays, and amp; if it goes on will invalidate the circuit's, the trackday organiser's and amp; participant's (if they have it) insurance, for a start. The next step would be the end of trackdays as we know them.

Sorry for the tone of this post, but by now everyone should know the score.

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Timing is a no no at trackdays

Yes, and fully appreciated given the reasons. But as i understand it, videoing is NOT and since there are 25 frames per second for PAL, a rough time is an unavoidable consequence. You never know the times till after the event so you are not constantly looking at the watch or trying your upmost and amp; driving as per a general test day.

BTW: Who are you - would be good if you used a proper name in your profile.

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Good to see you guys again.
Blade, that was a spectacular off - I really thought you had saved it for a second! Glad there was no damage.
The machine looks great - Fastest and best sorted I've seen it. The new rear wing is the business too.
It was really good to see Steve again - What were those brembo calipers like on the 360!!
I will be doing all I can to get to the time to go to Oulton at the end of the month!!

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Point about video timing totally accepted, and amp; apologies if I upset you, as you obviously know the score. It's just that I'm concerned (read paranoid) that the trackdays which we have come to know and amp; love, may cease if the independent organisers are unable to continue, and amp; we are then left at the mercy of Octogan to monopolise the market!

Glad you're enjoying the SLR - I've had a few Caterhams as well [:)]

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Good to meet up again.

I think race logic do a kit (the same people who make the AP22 performance meter)

Race Technology makes the AP-22 and also makes a version with GPS. It costs a few hundred.

Racelogic make the hugely expensive V-Box (Velocity Box) which appears to be a very professional
piece of kit but costs a few grand.

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