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Hello guys,

Do you know if Ralliarts extreme S comes with both ALS and launch control ?
AFAIK they have a switch to enable the ALS but I am not sure about launch control.
I think the Gems ECU supports it anyway, it is just a question wether the feature is
used or not (not sure if extra mapping is required for that).

Can anybody shed some light on how the launch control works ?



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The Extreme S comes with anti-lag and can be set to how you like it.
It doesn't come with launch control, and I'm sorry that I can't shed any light on that for you.

It has been made clear on this Forum that unjustified direct attacks on individuals or companies the MLR want to be associated with, will not be tolerated. I have therefore deleted the offending reference Moderator 25/12/01

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I would just like to say I am not a troublemaker, I am merely expressing on my own personal views based upon firsthand dealings with the person in question.

Secondly all the views I do have are totally justified and all above board as I am sure other members will agree.
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