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As above :D

I am having a little issue with mine :goingmad:

Had the unit for 6 months (it comes with 6 months subscription) and it has been a great little unit :) The subscription ran out and so I added another year of subscription entitlement and updated it again to the latest database.

Since I have updated the unit it seems to have a craze on mobile spots, Im not sure if RoadPilot have added more or what :wallbang: but now it reporting them loads more.

The real problem is that most of the time these mobile postions (and we all know how many mobile postion camera signs there are around) seem to be recorded on the RoadPilot incorrectly, IE: when the actual road speed limit is 40 MPH the RoadPilot is saying its a 30 MPH limit!!!! and beeping like mad :goingmad: as I am doing closer to 40.

Has anyone else had problems with the mobile postions, as I am getting to the point that I will have to sell it or drive it around on mute, which means it wont sound when I am near a Real camera postion!!! :shake:

Today it was beeping a mobile postion in a B&Q carpark when I was only doing 1 -2 MPH!!!!!! :mad:

Ive tried all the settings and a look through the manual, but you cant control which types of camera it beeps at :(

Sorry rant over, but any help would be good :D
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