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Looking at the Co-ordSport site:

A kit consists of:
DMS gold Lite Shock Absorbers
Ralliart Front Top Mounts
Ralliart Rear Top Mounts
Ralliart Front Anti-Roll Bar Bushes.

They are priced at £1499.00 plus Fitting and VAT

p.s. they've also got some new guy called Motec Mick joining the team, could prove useful...

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the word 'lite' bothers me, very comfortable with getting the 50 (especially as i appear to be paying the 40 price)

thanks for the info, if its going to take too long then will get some springs locally, was quoted a week delivery but presumably this is with the standard springs, maybe i should try them first

will see how i get on with fitting and stuff and report back


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I don't know where the term lite came from but DMS don't refer to the 40mm as lite anywhere on their website. Still think these look a good option although I am going to Aus for xmas and might see how much stuff is there.
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