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Diffrences of EVO8 USspec vs FQ340

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Hey guys, i just wanted to know what the exact engine diffrences were between the EVO 8 US-spec vs the FQ340. Obviously the ECU is diffrent, but what else is there? and who makes those parts? Thanks
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Which Evo VIII?

I understand the 2005 USDM is close to the UK/JDM MR engine.

Earlier models (03/04) were closer to older VIIIs in UK.

The MR FQ340 is based on the MR.
Kyl3cook said:
I thought the 2005 USDM VIII MR had a normal Evo VIII engine and not that of a JDM MR, as the US MR was only rated at 276bhp I believe
Isn't that the same bhp as the JDM spec (280ps) on which all UK spec Evos are based on?

The FQ340 adds as far as I can tell,

a. new drop in filter (RalliArt?)
b. hard piping kit for intercooler (HKS?)
c. HKS Super Dragger II exhaust
d. Unichip piggyback ECU?
e. other bits of cosmetic changes including the SatNav, leather seats

But the basic engine block should be the same.

The JDM spec GSR has a titanium turbo option, which I think is standard on the UK spec MR FQs.

US spec VIIIs only have the standard Inconel(?) turbine.
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1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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