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Hi all, Newbie here, Just picked up a 2010 lancer 2.0 di-d (bwc engine) and am having problems with the turbo actuator.

Picked it up, drove home fine, then on the way to work the following day, eml came on with fault codes;
p2454 - dpf differential pressure sensor circuit low
p2563 - boost control position sensor circuit range/performance

From lurking around various forums, I've ascertained the turbo actuator is the likely culprit, so have changed it (the clip on the bottom was fun!), however i believe it needs a learning program run before it'll perform properly.

Can anyone tell me whats involved? Better still would be if there was someone in central scotland with the wherewithall, equipment and the inclination to help.
(have spoken to someone on gumtree with vcds but they can only do vag group cars???)
Thanks in advance guys
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