Looking to get rid of these as a job lot. Collection only as the power converter is quite heavy.

  • Porter cable Polisher. (boxed have done loads of cars with it, still works well but has some scuffs) I'll add some before and after photos of some cars I've done with it later, if you search some of my old posts there's some photos.
  • Power converter for Porter cable.
  • Extra long lead for polisher.
  • Some pads and pad cloths for Polisher.
  • Meguiars water magnet cloth. New.
  • 3 small yellow polishing pads.
  • 2 Sponges (sealed).
  • Meguiars NXT Tech Wax 2.0 (Metal tin) Used. About 30% left ?.
  • Poorboys wheel sealant. Used 75/80% left.
  • Poorboys White Natty paste. About 65/70% left.
  • Poorboys Red Natty paste. About 50/55% left.
  • Poorboys Blue Natty paste. About 98% left.
  • Poorboys EX. Large bottle. I'll add size later. about 60% left.
  • Autoglym Polishing cloths (5 cloths).
  • Autoglym Tyre dressing. About 70%? left.

Might add other stuff later.

West London.