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Hi Guys

i had major problems with the brembo brake setup but the solution is there

i have put in a set ferodo ds 2000 pads for a ferrari caliper these pads are 68 mm instead of the 77.3 mm evo pads they letdown 9.3 mm on the disc surface thats a pity but no warping at all i did this today with discs wich are two times reskimmend i also tried this with full range pads 77.3 mm warping comes back very fast

so the problem is in 9.3 mm or 8 mm on f4r pads

i have tried to cut down pagid black pads but it went wrong the brake material broke of the pad border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| absmiddle >

you can not use all pads to cut down so be careful with that

but you can always buy pads for in use in a brembo ferrari caliper in you want other pads than the f4r
width 132 mm depth 68 mm

the ferodo 2000 don t squeel the only downside is the pad does not cover the whole disc 9.3 mm stays on the disc surface
but who cares if the disc does not warp

standard evo pad is width 132 mm dept 77.3



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didn't you say in another topic that the DS 2000 don't have enough stopping power? So with the surface cut down it should be even worse?
BTW have you removed your heat shields during the tests, just wondering?

See ya


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scooby mike

i have take the dust shields off
in an other post i didn t say it didn t have enough stopping power but if you compare it too a ds 3000 or a pagid black pad the ds2000 has not the stopping power you need for street is it ok better than standard pads even the cutdown ones but on a track thats the question but you can also take the ferodo 4003 competion pads with a lower friction than the 3000

4003 friction is 0.48 competion use
ds2000 friction is 0.42 street use
ds3000 friction is 0.62 this high friction works like a shaving on machine on youre beard border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| absmiddle > and will shag youre wheels but is stops ya competion use

i am a happy brembo braker atm.

i hope for a long period



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good to see your efforts to find a solution. Haven't you tried the Mintex cut down FR 14? According to other members no probs at all, even after some track days and on standard discs.
I'm still waiting for mine. Will give my experience with them after having tried them on the Ring. If they stand this track without warping then I'm gonna be happy. Just have to clean the wheels a bit more often border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| absmiddle >



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Anybody know how these Mintex or Pagid / Ferodo pads are when cold? I once had competition pads and they didnt almost brake at all when cold!

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i haven t tried the mintex pads yet but they must be good if i read all the threads i think you did a good choice buying them scoobymike keep me update how they perform.

claudius you hifi freak border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| absmiddle >

working temp.

degrees celsius
ds 2000 100 to 600
ds 3000 100 to 750
4003 100 to 750


1144 50 to 500
1166 100 to 700
the mintex f4r i have no info about sorry


blue rs 4-2 400 to 700
rs 4-4 350 to 650
pagid black 300 to 700

performance friction

pfc 5183 300 to 750
pfc 5193 200 to 750
pfc pads can hold 800 degrees for a short period

pagid and performance friction you can forget they have a high starting temp. these can only be used in competion form

for trackdays and street ferodo is a good choice because they have a low operation temp. 100 deg c. i have ordered a pair 4003 full dept pad now i run 2000 cut down pad ferrari pad see above i just wanna be sure it s the pad depth so i go thru it one more time just for the record

i did a lot of hard braking tonight no warping at all with ferodo ds 2000 cutdown pads so the test goes on



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Your problem is always different!
When everybody wants to be sure that the disc will not warp,that the pads will not squeal,
and that the braking power is good or better than standard,the only thing you find is to ask if they are braking when cold?

-Every pad has enough braking power even when cold to stop you at the red light at 30mph.
-I don't think that you have to start a special stage when your car is cold
-Who cares,if when they are hot they have a good breaking power and thy don't squeal?
-Tommi never had a crash with cold pads when he was leaving the closed park!
-Freddy had a crash at the first curve of the first stage of the rally.Don't buy the same pads!!!

But maybe you just need cold braking power before you stop the car at the restaurant

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I cant believe how mean you guys are!
I dont want to run over small children or even grown ups when leaving my building, what's wrong with that?

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if the Ferodo ds 2000 and 3000 have the same starting temp and the ds 3000 resists 150 C more, why did you get the 2000?

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the 3000 will shag youre wheels because the have such a high friction c. 0.6 the hot metarial comming off the brake disc and pads are burning into youre wheels and sideskirts the 2000 and 4003 has no such problem

i would go for a 4003 it has a little higher friction than the 2000

4003 is a good compromise the 2000 was just a test for me i have ordered a set of 4003 ferodo s full depth
claudius don t order anything yet

i have one test to go 4003 full depth pads i want to be sure its the depth of the pads the cutdown 2000 does not warp the disc i did 8 high speed stops in role from 210 to 80 km no problems so i want to go back one more time the full depth pads
if the disc warps again then we know for sure what the answer is



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OK, Andre,

I will wait for you to test the 4003s. Anyway, my OEM brakes are still new, so no worries. Oh, I ordered nice grooved and drilled discs from the Italian Project Mu importer.

Why wouldnt the 4003s burn **** into the wheels just like the 3000s? Arent they the same material?

Oh, Andre, could you please use punctuation like commas, full stop, question marks etc, it's hard to read you (almost as hard as it is to follow you! border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| absmiddle >)

Take care


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comma s etc you can forget if i do that they stand on the wrong places so reading will be worse.

the 4003 has not the high friction coef. that s why they don t shag youre wheels

hope you can read this claudius


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