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i love my evo 6 2 bits and think its the best car ive ever had BUT BIG BUT i am fed up with all the bad things about them i read about, problems with the engines the gearboxes the diffs just about every part on em every where i go people r looking at my car and i just wonder when they r going 2 pinch it! im paraniod maybe. i drive it and the cds rattle is the engine bo....ks then i read that it could have been pinched from some guy in japan b4 i paid out my hard earned cash and ill get f..k all back . i carnt leave it any where 4 the fear it will b damaged . just wondering how u guys feel about this how do u feel when u leave ur motor at a friends house do u spend more time looking through the curtains 2 see if its ok can u relax,could i b 2 uptight have i got a problem do any of u suffer the same way????

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It's a bit of a shame that the Evo is getting slagged off for poor reliability. FFS the car is Japanese and is built to last BUT it's a performance car and so components get stressed especially the way the Loony Toons here drive there cars. If you drive your Evo like you drive your volvo it'll last forever. My 2nd car is a 14 year old Nissan Bluebird. changed 4 tires and brakes thats it. At the end of the day Mits offer the best warranty on any car anywhere! That's the faith they have in their products. They're not perfect but what car is?

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I know how you feel six mad.

When I scan through the forum archive I come across many posts that make me think, there's another problems that could go wrong with my car. But in the 1.5 years of owning my E5 the only problems have been warped disks and flaking paint on the allows so I count myself lucky.

In those 1.5 years that I have owned her she's only been left outside my garage once and even then I didnt sleep very well for fear it was going to get nicked or vandalised.

In the end my solution was to buy an old banger for driving too and from work and doing the shopping. This also enables me to put the EVO into hibernation over winter, as it currently is, to keep it free from salt and the risk of a off in the bad conditions. Also keeps the fuel / servicing costs and mileage down.

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As someone who is used to gathering feedback you should be aware
that its rare for someone who is satisfied to actually go out of their way to tell someone.

Unhappy folks and VERY happy folks will.

I doubt you will see many posts on here from people saying My evo hasn't gone wrong and I am satisfied with it

You will however hear all the horror stories :(

Pretty typical really

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Six Mad....
If you look at any car made I bet someone has a story to tell about how it went wrong.Every review I have seen on TV and in Mags has described the engine and gearbox as bullet proof.As far as I can see this is the case but there are a few exceptions that I have seen.Unless you buy a brand new car you are not going to know what the previous owner did to the car or how it was serviced,that alone could cause the problems you have heard about.Look on scoobynet,Skyline register and Exige board and you will read about all these people who had had problems.....
I agree with you about leaving the car in unattended that is a worry but it is something you have to live with and try and find places that have secure parking or CCTV.

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Im certainly not a snob, but my dad lives in a very rough council estate
in south London; at Xmas I had to leave my bright yellow baby parked in
this estate....! Yep, I ate my dinner by the window !!!!!!!!!!

I know exactly how you feel about the evo, I bought my evo as a daily
run around, to use my supra as a show car. Trouble is , ive fallen in love
with the evo, and thats now become a toy too....

My only advice is, dont sell the evo, you'll regret it....what on earth could
replace an evo ?

I was going to sell the evo this year and buy a Skyline, a natural step upwards
from an evo most would say. Well after driving a 33-vspec and 34-vspec all
I can say is , dont bother, Evo's are much *MUCH* better !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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I second Yellow 5.

Dont sell it the EVO is the best £20,000 performace car on the road.

I have owned a number of Jap imports including an Integra Type R, EVO 5, Black EVO 6, Skyline GTR 33, Subaru WRX STI Type R Version 6 and now another EVO 6 Blue. They all have their problems, its just that we hear about them more because being member of an club.

The Integra Type R was probaly the most reliable car I have owned if not the best. The only down point no turbo charger.

The Skyline was modifieed by abbey to nearly 380 bhp and still wasnt as quick as the EVO. this had a number of problems including the rear wheel steer not working. Some of you might remember this car if you watched the program on stolen japanese imports. The first car shown on the program was a Skyline GTR 33 which was my car which was impounded by Hampshire police. I took nearly seven months to get my money back.

The subaru was probably the most unreliable costing me nearly £1000 on maintenance in the first 6 weeks of ownership. Bearing problems and two faulty air flow meters.

As you can see I have now gone back to an EVO 6 which is the best car of the bunch.

Like with any car you have to accept the fact that things go wrong. But my experience had been that the EVO is one of the most reliable Japanese performance cars.


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I am always sceptical as to where I park my car ,a friend of mine had his scoob nearly nicked off his driveway just before xmas.
Basically you can't do much about it ,it will get nicked if some one really wants it.preventing breakins is as the cops say don't leave vauables lying around in the cab ,park in a well lit area.
Feel proud that others want to look at your motor .one of the best policies I have found is to promote your car,if it does go walkies with a little help from the local youth you may find out who did the damage.
theres not many of the local youth that do not know my E4 by now .All respect the car especially if you offer them a ride now and then.Itll get talked about more than MAN UTD.
How ever yes I keep an eye out if in a strange location .but then I will take my van if I get too worried.
Use the car for your enjoyment,buy a cheap second hand car for visiting places you don't know ,or take the other halfs car if she/he has one.
Just think if you owned a ferrari !.Ill see you in the nut house.with all the other evo paranoids.
At the end of the day its just a piece of metal and cloth but a fantastic bit of metal and cloth.Not worth loosing sleep over though.

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I could live with bits breaking, high costs etc.

Its the violent thieving gangs that is the downside. Have lived a completely worry-free life since flogging it. B4 that I would lie awake at night listening for people breaking in etc. and often popping downstairs several times a night.

Loved the car a lot but am completly worry free now.
If the thieves could be eradicated I'd have another one as soon as I could afford it.
Would love a 4 but just don't want the worry again.


Incidentally, I only ever had positive feedback on the car. The local kids used to say it was firkin sorted. Never saw anyone hanging about, don't think anyone ever tried to nick it.
Paranoia may have been my middle name but you can't change stuff like that. It varies person to person.

If I ever have the good fortune to be loaded I'll be looking for a monster 911. At least they're not as appealing to the ram raiding fraternity

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When I had my Cerbera I'd leave it anywhere and never got any damage. This included leaving in rough areas. From there I bought a brand new Esprit Sport 350. At the time I was seeing a girl (now fiance!) who lived in Norbury (rough area, council estates galore, pimp wagons and gang colours as optional extras, nr. Croydon and Crystal Palace). Driving down her road one day (after seeing her for a couple of months) a couple of black guys jumped out in front of the car and the biggest guy came up to the window. KNowing the door was locked and I was still in gear I let the window down to see what he had to say (I'm not a small fella but I have to say I was worried!). He told me what a fluffin' car I had and that it was all sorts of things that I'm sure were good. Luckily I had the Dre CD on as he noticed and complimented me on my music taste (I had an Alpine SatNav screen up too which wow'd him). When I drove the additional 10m to my girlfriends and parked up I spent the whole time worried about the car. 2 Hours later, we left her Mum's place and as we drove past he shouted We looked after it for ya and it gained her two younger brothers respect in the neighbourhood. All in all a good thing and I used to give him a beep and a wave everytime I saw him with the posse which must have given him extra brownie points with whoever his was with at the time!
Just thought I'd tell you the story as I think it's important to know that they're not all scrotes out there. I also used to park the Esprit in our flats underground parking area - it was never touched despite the whole neighbourhood of Bromley knowing where it lived (Only 1 of 50 cars made and with straight-through pipes added!).
The EVO (when I get it) will park down there too. At the end of the day if it's stolen the insurance will pay out - it is what it's there for. Also a good reason for telling them the mods you have done so they can pay out.

Last thing - As others here have said. Don't be up your arse around these sorts of places. If you see a gang of kids nearby and they're looking over with smiles then give them what they want to see be it a wave or a bit of right foot. They'll respect you because you respected them. They'll not nick it. Can't see EVOs being that sort after anyway on the black market.... are they??

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Dubbs, sorry to go really off topic here but do you live in bromley, only, thats where i live :)

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Well after driving a 33-vspec and 34-vspec all
I can say is , dont bother, Evo's are much *MUCH* better !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm SO glad someone else thinks Skylines are overrated. I once drove a couple of
R33's (one was V-Spec, one wasn't) and thought they were crap. Unbelievable
turbo-lag, unstable under braking and HEAVY.


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Mate of a mate, comes down in a 33vspec.

Hands me the keys and says show me what you can do being let loose in what must surely be the fastest thing on 4 wheels
(according to the hype)


Horrible interior, nowhere near as fast as I expected and the most dissapointing bit,
when caning it round bends, back end was all over the place !!!!!!!

When I got back, the guy said to me great innit?

Well, I smiled, and being the honest person I am, said errr, not really,actually, its a bit crap

He gave me a puzzled look, so I opened my garage and said jump in this

Took him out in the evo, chucking it into bends, sideways, opposite lock, braking mid corner,
sliding everywhere.... blah blah blah.

What more can I say, he sold the skyline a few weeks later border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| middle >

The 34v-spec *IS* a whole lot better, and im sure with £20,000 spent on it,
it would crucify an evo on a track.....but the evo is still a country lane GOD !


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hear hear.

The size alone is enough to make you think more than twice.
I checked an R33 out at a garage last year. Wasn't allowed to drive it until I had handed a deposit over (i.e. I had to be buying the car b4 I could try it! - er OK. See ya. I went there in my evo so he knew I wasn't a complete tyre kicker)

Looking one over at close quarters I couldn't see anyway it would be even close to the fun that is the evo. Looked bigger than an XJ6!!

p.s. Its been on the forecourt for over a year now! :) Not surprised with an attitude like that. Surprised he's still in business.
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